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Computer Repair Gwalior – Everybody with a computer knows that moment of panic when the disk drive crashes–and for businesspeople, it always happens when they’re staring into the attention of a deadline. But if you are a computer physician capable of diagnosing virtual ills then repairing them, you’ll combat the looks of an angel of mercy as a computer repair specialist. You’ll drive bent clients’ homes or offices together with your briefcase of tools and equipment and heal those sickly computers and printers. you’ll also earn tidy revenues with preventive maintenance–dusting or vacuuming innards and cleaning disk drives on a quarterly or semiannual basis. the benefits to the present business are that it’s recession-proof–businesses need computers to work , and home-computer buffs can’t live without their virtual pals, either. And since the pc industry is one among exponential growth, peripheral industries like computer maintenance and repair are here to remain . As a final plus, this business is satisfying–people are always appreciative once you bring an acutely ill disk drive or printer back to health. you will need to possess the knowledge and skills of an honest computer physician, including the way to change motherboards, repair and replace hard drives, and add memory chips. And you ought to have an honest computer-side manner so you’ll soothe panicky owners and tactfully instill the advantages of excellent preventive maintenance.

Computer Repair Gwalior Services-

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  • New Laptop & Desktop
  • Old Desktop & Laptop
  • Computer Repair
  • Laptop Repair
  • Computer & Laptop Formatting
  • Printer Repair- HP, Canon, Brother, Epson Etc.
  • Cartridge Refill- HP, Canon, Brother, Epson Etc.
  • Antivirus- Quick Heal, Kaspersky, K7, etc.
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Data recovery- Harddisk, Pen drive, Card reader etc
  • Software Installation
  • Virus Remove
  • SMPS Repair

Computer Annual Maintenance Plan For School, College and offices

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